Experience Our consulting

Your personal concept

in a very special shape: the TauRes-Fountain.

In a clear, concise and comprehensive way, your fountain shows you at a single glance what you are currently using in the areas of wealth accumulation, pension provision and wealth protection and what you can actually gain from it. The fountain concept also gives you an insight into your individual financial and pension future. You decide what is important to you and we will be happy to support you with our expertise and reliable support.

This is how we consult:

Committed. Competent. Lifelong.

We help our clients to develop a real sense of enjoyment in their own finances and to make sensible financial decisions. With holistic and trustworthy consulting, we ensure wealth accumulation, pension provision and wealth protection according to your individual needs. 

With our investment consulting and insurance expertise, we meet you where you are financially and with regard to your life situation and accompany you on your path to a financially secure future. Value-based cooperation is particularly important to us, which is why we are always there for you in a spirit of partnership, honesty and expertise.

Insurance for private customers

Creating a solid foundation. Our consulting begins with the protection of your wealth and your personal pension provision. We protect your capital with a reliable foundation that includes pension provision - e.g. occupational disability insurance - or wealth protection - e.g. liability insurance.

Short-term wealth accumulation for private clients

Once the basis for the here and now has been created, the next step is to organise your wealth accumulation. We make sure that you have basic financial security and that you invest your money wisely.

Medium-term wealth accumulation for private clients

We then begin to expand your medium-term wealth accumulation, which are designed for three to seven years. We base our investment recommendations on selected investment funds based on our experience and constant market analyses.

Long-term wealth accumulation for private clients

Of course, we also take care of long-term asset accumulation and your insurance in old age or the realisation of long-term wishes and goals that lie at least seven years in the future.