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Wealth accumulation, pension provision and wealth protection are highly exciting and sensible matters. We are sure that we can also inspire you to take real pleasure in your own finances. Therefore: Welcome to TauRes!


This is how we consult: Committed. Competent. Lifelong.

We help our customers to develop a real sense of enjoyment in their own finances and to make sensible financial decisions. With holistic and trustworthy consulting, we ensure wealth accumulation, pension provision and wealth protection according to your individual needs.
With our expertise, we pick you up where you are financially and with regard to your life situation and accompany you on your path to a financially secure future.More about our consulting

About us

This is us

Awakening joy in people's own finances is what drives us to outgrow ourselves every day!

A mission with vision

With the ambition from our vision to grow beyond ourselves every day, we are committed to serving our customers and are happy to go that little bit further. 

Our vision is the origin of our actions and the centrepiece of our consulting services. The TauRes story is based on the idea of a financially literate society. Over the years since our foundation, more and more people have joined this vision. A movement has emerged.

Value-based action

We stand for expertise, honesty and partnership. Our three brand values guide us as a company and as individuals towards our North Star: the financially literate society. 

Expertise: We are there for you with quality and expertise! Honesty: We stand for a trusting relationship. We are always authentic, transparent and fair. Partnership: We treat each other as equals; for us, people take centre stage.

With a lot of commitment: TauRes Kids Go Finance

We also want to take children with us on our journey towards a financially literate society and the associated joy of finance. That's why our employees founded the non-profit organisation "Kids Go Finance" in 2020. Together with a strong team of volunteers and educational experts, this organisation promotes basic financial education for 6 to 13-year-olds in schools across Germany with experience-based and real-world project workshops.


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